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Stripping & Waxing

VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile)

Stripping – waxing – refinishing we do it all but before you compare our prices, compare our services. After the floor is stripped of all old waxes and finishes, we prepare the surface for the wax with 2 layers of sealer which protects the floor itself. On top of the sealers we then apply 5 or more coats of wax for that deep wet look. Some of our competetors will only apply one coat of sealer and wax, even worse some do not even seal the floor! This is why our floors retain that just waxed look for longer periods of time. Meaning the floors can go longer between refinishing and less expense for the the customer.

We will clean and strip your floors to remove all stain and buildups due to every day use. We then will re-work your floors to a glowing new product shine with our expert polish compounds and finishers. It is not recommended that people try to refinish a VCT floor with out having years of experience and knowledge to complete the job correctly. Many people have ruined there floors because of inexperience and mistakes that can happen.

Maintaining VCT (vinyl composite tile) can be a tough job. This flooring is generally used in the highest traffic areas of large commercial floors. VCT can put up a great fight against wear from some of the worst foot traffic out there but it needs our help to stay beautiful.

Stripping and waxing is a common term used when talking about this type of flooring. The truth is, when the floors are maintained correctly, they won’t have to be stripped and waxed as often. More times than not, all the floor needs is a top scrub and recoat usually costing half as much as a full refinish.

Mopping is extremely important for this flooring type. Dust mopping should be done daily and damp mopping should be done at least once per week. This will protect the floor from the abrasive soils being pushed deep into the finish and into the tile surface itself.

Scratches are what actually dull the finish. These scratches are fairly simple to remove with the right equipment and procedures. Burnishing or spray buffing will fill in those scratches and smooth out the finish giving your floors that high gloss-wet look everybody likes to see on their VCT floors.

The maintenance of this type of floor is crucial to its appearance. If let go for too long, irreversible damage WILL occur. We recommend that you protect your investment and have your VCT floors professionally maintained at least twice a year, although most customers prefer to do it quarterly.

VCT Floor Experts!

No other company offers a higher level of service or greater value! You can rest assured knowing that all projects are quality controlled to insure you are receiving the highest level of service. Our employees are trained, knowledgeable, and exhibit the highest degree of professionalism and courteous service. Our combination of innovative cleaning products, tools, and solutions has made us a local industry leader and we would be honored to provide our services to you as well.