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Carpet Cleaning

Ok so what makes Checkpoint Different?

Many carpet cleaning companies use a dry or bonnet style method to clean large areas of commercial carpet. Others use rechargeable or portable extractors that just don’t develop enough power to pull all the soil out. These methods offer the appearance of a thoroughly cleaned carpet but in actuality are only removing the surface dirt. This leaves behind a chemical residue on top of the embedded soil which attracts dirt. This causes heavy traffic areas to mat down and the carpet fibers to wear at an accelerated rate, leading to a costly replacement.

When our professionally trained and insured carpet cleaning technicians arrive, they start with a pre-inspection to identify problem areas. Then Checkpoint’s dual cleaning process goes into action. A heated enzyme based cleaning solution is applied, deep into the carpet fibers, to loosen embedded dirt, grease, spills and leftover cleaning chemicals. Then, to remove the contaminates, it’s followed by a high-powered/high-heat extraction process that is pH balanced, leaving the carpet absolutely clean, guaranteed!

Customer Feedback

“Working in the service/medical field, having a clean, presentable environment is paramount to outstanding customer service. Checkpoint Cleaning Service is an excellent partner to achieve that goal. I would highly recommend Jason Durava and Checkpoint Cleaning Service.”

C. Renee’ Moss M.D.

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Checkpoint Cleaning Service. They have cleaned my insurance agency for six years now and I couldn’t ask for anything more! They would be an assest to have as a janitorial service provider for any company.”

Frank Highley – Highley Insurance Group of Orlando