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Checkpoint Cleaning Service

Tampa Bay 727-871-0551
Florida 800-520-6040


Q: What areas does Checkpoint Cleaning Service Cover?
A: The Tampa Bay / St. Petrsburg area is our primary service sector, however, we have accounts all over Florida from Key West to Jacksonville.

Q: What kind of cleaning products do you use?
A: This varies widely from facility to facility as the cleaning needs vary from facility to facility, however, we try to keep our methods as green as possible. For facilities that are totally green we keep our cleaning methods totally green as well.

Q: Do you really clean with green products?
A: Yes, all facilities that request the use of Earth friendly products are cleaned totally green and we provide MSDS to back up our methods. All products are manufactured by Bio-Kleen Products, Inc.

Q: Is Checkpoint Cleaning Service a franchise?
A: No, we are not a franchise we are family owned and operated and have been in business since 1996. Our owner, Jason Durava supervises all employees and visits all customers monthly or more frequently if necessary.

Q: Does checkpoint Cleaning Service sell accounts?
A: No, we are not in the business of selling janitorial accounts. We believe in building long term relationships with each and every one of our customers.

Q: Do you have references I can call?
A: Yes, we will provide you current references and phone numbers so you can call and talk to our clients direct. We also have letters of recommendation from many of our clients.

Q: Are you licensed, bonded and insured?
A: Yes, we are fully licensed, bonded and have the maximum insurance coverage. We provide insurance certificates to all customers upon request.

Q: Do you sub-contract your work out?
A: No, we do not use sub-contractors for anything, we have our own skilled staff to provide extra services such as carpet cleaning or floor care.

Q: Do you do background checks and drug screens on your employees?
A: Yes, we do background checks and drug screens on all of our employees. We only hire people that have absolutely no criminal record and absolutely nobody that tests positive for any type of substance abuse.

Q: I see that you sell cleaning supplies & paper products online, do you offer discounts to customers who purchase in bulk?
A: Yes, for management companies or other businesses that purchase in bulk we can set you up with your own account that will reflect special pricing and free shipping.

Our Services

  • Routine Office Cleaning
  • Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly
  • Carpet Vacuuming and Cleaning
  • Floor Stripping and Waxing
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning / Resealing
  • Lunchroom Appliances & Clean Up
  • Window Washing – Inside & Out
  • Malls, Restaurants, Daycare
  • Restroom Cleaning & Disinfecting
  • Trash Removal & Hauling
  • Special Projects
  • Impact Cleanings
  • Green Cleaning
  • Porter Services
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Housekeeping
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing (Hot or Cold)
  • Parking Lot Clean-Up
  • Odor Removal
  • 24/7 Water Damage Repair/Drying
  • Flooring Sales & Installation
  • Stadium & Event Cleaning
  • Cleaning Supplies & Products
  • Construction Clean-up