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Checkpoint Cleaning Service

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Florida 800-520-6040

Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning

Why is Checkpoint Cleaning Service a preferred choice?

We’re the 24/7, 365-day single source provider for all your commercial cleaning service needs – whether you need a one-time service call or an ongoing maintenance program.

Checkpoint Cleaning Service operates through branch offices statewide. If you require multiple services – even in multiple cities – we’ll provide across-the-board expertise for commercial cleaning services (in addition to any of our other services you may need), conveniently integrated under one contract.

Our bulk buying power offers you substantial savings on cleaning supplies and paper products, whether you are a small businesses here in Florida or have national, regional or local operations. These supplies can be purchased at our online store and fitted into one bill at the end of each month. Please visit:

No surprises! You tell us what you expect, and our pricing is based on meeting those expectations. You’ll learn ways to reduce unnecessary costs plus get a fair price for our services. You can be confident that your money is being carefully and wisely spent. Our customers believe that the benefits of our commercial cleaning service are unsurpassed. We offer quality and value with:

  • An extensive selection of services, including green cleaning
  • Customized management support and planning
  • Industrial/technical services leadership
  • Advanced safety and training programs
  • A reputation among service workers as “the company to be with.”

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you for all your commercial cleaning service needs!

What Makes Checkpoint Cleaning Service Different (and Better)?
All janitorial services companies may appear similar until you take a closer look at Checkpoint Cleaning Service. The key issues that separate us from other commercial cleaning services include:

  • Over 16 years of experience.
  • Full range of building and commercial cleaning services. Checkpoint Cleaning Service consistently leads the field in initiating the use of more efficient cleaning approaches. This includes eco-friendly chemicals; simplified chemical mixing centers; enhanced vacuum filtration systems; light weight, maneuverable equipment; and an ongoing investment in specialty equipment.
  • Statewide coverage with experience in many industries, ranging from commercial and institutional to high tech and retail
  • National purchasing agreements, allowing us to provide the best commercial cleaning service supplies and equipment at the lowest cost.
  • Statewide Service Center, accessible 24/7, 365 days per year.
  • One of the industry’s most innovative and successful environmentally friendly cleaning programs, Green Care. Our customers reap the benefits of green cleaning, which impacts employee health and morale, the company’s reputation and the bottom line.

Customer Feedback

Checkpoint cleaning was recommended to me by a friend that uses their service for her practice. They exceeded my expectations of a cleaning service and provided us with prompt reliable service. They even responded when we called for a toilet over flowing at 3am on a Sunday and actually arrived with coffee for me. This company is FANTASTIC!

Animal & Bird Hospital of Clearwater

My business has had numerous cleaning services throughout the years and are blessed that we stumbled upon Checkpoint Cleaning Service. They are prompt, and reliable and my office has never had that “clean” feel it does now. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication you put into your service.

AMG Consulting, LTD

I strarted using Checkpoint in the winter of 1998 after my contract expired with Coverall and I must say it’s the best decision we’ve made. Not only did it save us money but it wasen’t until we switched services that I realized how many things the other service was over looking. Nine years later we are still happy, keep up the good work.

Dr. William B. Sutten M.D. P.A.